Animal Protectionists

AFMA is frequently accused of being an animal rights group. We are not, and have explained why on numerous occasions (see AFMA is frequently identified as an animal rights group. Why?), but if our accusers have no scientific facts with which to refute our position, they will continue to resort to ad hominem attacks and attempt to distort our position using any means necessary. There can be no denying, however, that AFMA intersects with the animal protection movement in certain areas and on certain issues. 

Jørgensen, Jan Trøst. 2011
Jørgensen, Jan Trøst. 2011. A challenging drug development process in the era of personalized medicine. Drug Discovery Today 16 (19/20):891-897.

This section of the website will address issues raised by the animal rights (AR) or animal welfare (AW) movements, and by individuals associated with those movements. (We will refer to AR and AW collectively as the animal protection (AP) movement or animal protectionists.) Animal protectionists frequently say things related to science that AFMA feels the need to comment on, whether to refute, support, or put in context. 

These essays are meant for the animal protectionists. While AFMA realizes others will read it and quote parts of it out of context, AFMA wants to make very clear that the following material is meant for specific groups with very specific concerns and hence AFMA’s comments should be understand in that context.

Working with animal protectionists.

What is needed in order to end vivisection?

How animal protection groups are delaying the end of vivisection.

New AFMA Leaflets Are Available for Downloading  

AFMA is frequently approached by animal activists asking for leaflets to hand out at demonstrations. It is difficult to put complex science into a leaflet but we have put together four leaflets that you can download and print off in black and white. We state in the leaflets where more information can be found and that leaflets are not scientific articles from peer-reviewed journals. But we are satisfied that we have remained true to the science while making the information accessible to the nonscientist. The leaflets can be downloaded as pdf files and printed out using two-sided printing. Some printers may require adjustments to setting page scaling none. Please let us know if you see typos or other errors so we can correct them.Mouseofman

Think Animal Rights Activists Are the Only Ones Who Question Animal Experimentation?

Don’t Be Fooled.

Is Medical Advancement Really Dependent upon Using Animals? 

Why You Don’t Go to the Vet When You Are Sick.